Kiteboarding across the beautiful waters of Turks and Caicos with the warm breeze propelling you forward is something every born adventurer should try. It’s a world-class experience unlike anything else.

However adventurous you may be, it’s common to believe that kiteboarding is not a beginner-friendly activity. From afar, kiteboarding seems to require a great deal of skill, strength and constant attention to wind and waves.

But mastering this sport is probably easier than you imagine, and discovering the fun of kiteboarding in Turks and Caicos is the perfect place to start. 

Is kiteboarding difficult?

Easing into this exciting sport isn’t as hard as most people think. What surprises many beginners is how cerebral it is to learn how to kiteboard. You’re doing many things at once and concentrating on different things simultaneously, which is often the biggest challenge. Luckily, kiteboarding in Turks and Caicos offers ideal weather conditions for beginners, not to mention a beautiful view. 

While kiteboarding may not be as difficult as you initially thought, it does take time and patience, as well as careful instruction to truly master the craft. 

Do I have to be in great shape?

Being in good physical condition makes things a little easier, but contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be as strong as you may think. Many have the misconception that you’re holding the entire power of the kite in your hands; but in reality, if you’re taught correctly, the harness takes the power of the kite and you use your arms to “de-power” or decrease the power of the kite. You’re only getting pulled when you want to have the kite pull you. 

Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

Swimming too much during a lesson could just end up exhausting you and complicate the process. It’s recommended to learn kiteboarding in waist-deep water, and for this, Turks and Caicos is ideal. Once your skill set is strong and you feel comfortable kiting out in deeper waters, strong swimming is an important asset to ensure safety.

Do I need balance?

Again, not as much as you think. The kite really helps with this as it lifts and pulls you, enabling you to plane on the water and balance in a much easier way in comparison to other board sports. Surfing, for example, requires a lot more balance. 

Is kiteboarding dangerous?

Kiteboarding can become dangerous if you try to learn on your own without proper instruction. Trying to kiteboard in deeper waters as a complete novice could lead to potentially dangerous situations and should be avoided. Luckily, kiteboarding in Turks and Caicos is generally safe if you stay close to the beach and remain in shallow waters. 

Why choose kiteboarding in Turks and Caicos?

Ideal waters that provide the best kiteboarding conditions are found in the Turks and Caicos Islands. And for a private, uncrowded beach, villa umi is a popular choice for the many adventurous visitors who are discovering kiteboarding for the first time. 

Whether you’re an experienced kiteboarder or just want to have a thrilling, life-changing experience, kiteboarding in Turks and Caicos is the perfect place — and now may be the perfect time.